Nestle Staff Raising 70K Euros For Down Syndrome Ireland

Nestlé Raising 70,000 Euros for Down Syndrome Ireland

Nestlé’s staff in Ireland is looking to raise 70,000 euros for Down Syndrome Ireland in a new two year staff Charity of the Year partnership, involving over 700 employees.

Down Syndrome Ireland supports over 3,500 members across the country through its specialist services in healthcare, education, early development, speech and language therapy, and independence. The funds will go towards a new multi-sensory room and family room in DSI’s national support office in Ballymount, Dublin, as well as contributions to services such as the Home Teacher Program, Speech and Language Therapy and New Parent Support.

“Our staff voted for Down Syndrome Ireland as their staff charity of the year due to the essential support services it provides to enhance the lives of people with Down syndrome,” states Country Manager Andrew Shaw. “We are proud to support the essential work carried out by this charity to improve and enrich the lives of its members across Ireland.”

Through the Charity of the Year initiative, Nestle has been able to partner with charities such as Irish Autism Action and the Jack and Jill Foundation. The staff have raised over 500,000 euros over the last seven years.



This piece is based on an article by Mark Murphy for, which can be seen here.

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