Lynn University: Helping The Neurodiverse Transition

Lynn University: Helping the Neurodiverse Transition

Lynn University has a mission- to make sure that all students, whether traditional learners or nontraditional learners, have a chance. That people from any walk of life should have the ability to succeed, and that the University strived to be the place where the building blocks to that success were laid. The sincerity and dedication of Kevin Ross and his colleagues came though loud and clear. That’s leadership. And that is what this conference-- Lynn University’s Transitions 2016-- is all about.
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Rare Show Of Unity By Florida Politicians Will Benefit Neurodiversity

Rare Show of Unity by Florida Politicians Will Benefit Neurodiversity

“All children deserve the opportunity to pursue their own unique educational and career goals. Unfortunately… all too often children diagnosed with developmental disabilities lose out on important opportunities as services are provided through a one-size-fits-all system that too frequently leads to a life of government dependence.”
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