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5 Tips for Dealing With Adult ADHD

Adults with ADHD Need Help Too

If you’re an adult struggling with ADHD, certain things can be tough to get done. Not only does it interfere with your daily activities, but every single time “ADHD” is mentioned, it’s tips for dealing with it in children! Everyone seems to forget that those kids turn into adults. Here are five easy tricks to help ADHD adults out there to avoid trouble in your daily activities:

1. Keep Short To-Do Lists Short

Short lists of your agenda, no more than 5 things at a time, make it easier to manage activities and time.

2. Set Alarms or Timers

For each activity, setting a timer to go off will help you avoid over-committing and losing track of time.

3. Realism in Scheduling

Be realistic with time: Most tasks take far longer than you might think they would. Be realistic when setting times for activities.

4. Chunking

Split up long tasks: Breaking a large project into small portions makes it easier to manage and complete.

5. Preparation

Set your materials out beforehand: Collecting all the things you need to accomplish a task will prevent you from having to look for them later. You might become distracted when looking for materials otherwise.


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